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Asphalt Paving Blog

When Should You Sealcoat or Repave Your Asphalt Driveway?

Posted by Sean Wolf on Jun 30, 2015

This post was originally published in May 2013, and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of maintaining your property, including your driveway. Taking care of your driveway isn’t always the easiest thing. You have to know when to seal coat it or when to have it repaved. But when is the right time? And how do you go about maintaining and repairing a driveway?

Thankfully, Wolf Paving is here to help you. Project Manager Riley Stendel took the time to answer some important questions homeowners often ask. Here’s what Riley had to say about maintaining asphalt driveways.

8 Steps to Follow for Asphalt Driveway Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Posted by Sean Wolf on Jun 2, 2015

If you have an asphalt driveway you know you have a great surface that is going to last you 15-20 years. If you are thinking about an asphalt driveway, keep reading.  To help you understand the full benefits of an asphalt driveway installation, we have put together 8 steps to follow on asphalt driveway installation, repair and maintenance.

3 Best Practice Tips For New Driveway Installation

Posted by Sean Wolf on Apr 28, 2015

Deciding on a surface for your new driveway can be difficult because there are many variables to consider. Options such as asphalt, concrete and interlocking pavers are available – all with very different aesthetic and performance qualities. For a new driveway installation you should consider the proper time to install the driveway, the durability of the surface material and the proper method of installation.

Five Enemies of Asphalt Pavement And How To Fight Them Off

Posted by Sean Wolf on Apr 21, 2015

Asphalt pavement is a highly durable paving solution for driveways, parking lots and roadways, but it does have its kryptonite. In fact, I’d argue that there are five main enemies of asphalt paving. But don’t fret, for every asphalt enemy there is a Wolf Paving solution that will come to the rescue!

5 Surprisingly Green Facts You Didn’t Know About Asphalt Pavement

Posted by Sean Wolf on Mar 17, 2015

You might be surprised to learn that asphalt pavement is a ‘green’ paving solution. No, we aren’t just jumping on the St. Patrick’s Day bandwagon; asphalt pavement really is an environmentally friendly, green paving solution that provides many benefits to the local flora, fauna and water table.