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Wolf Paving Q&A on Mr. Fix-It - Damaged Asphalt Driveways to Recycling

Posted by Sean Wolf on May 26, 2017

Wolf Paving was once again featured in WTMJ’s “Mr. Fit-It” radio show to share some asphalt expertise in an interview lead by Milwaukee’s Tom Feiza. This program gives weekly advice on home improvements, repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

How To Save Your Business Money By Adding Green Infrastructure

Posted by Sean Wolf on May 13, 2017
No aspect of your business is too small to overlook, especially when it comes to saving money.
If your parking lot could provide you with a high return on investment, years of durability, potential grants or tax breaks, and help the environment at the same time, wouldn’t you pursue that opportunity?

At Wolf Paving, we have an cost-saving, environmentally friendly solution for your new parking lot that could save you money in the long run. Take a look at your parking lot, are you getting as much out of it as you could? If not, consider the benefits of green infrastructure and porous asphalt.

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure is any natural processes used on a property to manage water and create healthier environments.

Why Choosing Green Infrastructure Will Save You Money

The City of Milwaukee has a Stormwater Management Charge that was put into effect in 2013 and is set to last until 2023. The point of this charge is “to offset the costs needed to manage and reduce the amount of polluted stormwater runoff entering Milwaukee’s storm sewers and waterways.” Milwaukee, along with many other local governments all over Wisconsin, charge developers stormwater impact fees due to water runoff which can overwhelm sewer systems and cause other local problems.

However, commercial property owners can obtain quarterly credit, meaning they don’t pay as much, by going green and reducing the amount of runoff. Here’s the main point you need to know as a business owner:

Any non-residential property owner may receive credit by voluntarily investing in green infrastructure on their property. The city will then calculate the credit based on total gallons of stormwater managed.

Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works suggested four main strategies for developing green infrastructure: having a green roof, porous paving, bioswale, or a wet detention pond. Not all business have the space or funds to build ponds or a green roof. However, most business have parking lots that could be installed using porous asphalt.

Interested in more information about getting started with green infrastructure? 

Porous Asphalt Paving - Cost and Environmental Benefits

Posted by Sean Wolf on May 2, 2017

Porous asphalt pavement can be a valuable tool for business developers, municipalities and even homeowners who are interested in storm water management. Porous asphalt pavement is an environmentally-conscious and sustainable paving solution that can offer significant long-term cost efficiency.

Asphalt Pavement Spring Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Sean Wolf on Apr 11, 2017

Asphalt pavement can provide many years of service and durability if it is properly maintained. As the weather warms and the snow begins to melt, it is a good idea to walk the surface of your asphalt pavement to examine any changes or problems areas.

VIDEO: Asphalt Paving Explained: Driveways, Highways and Even Racetracks

Posted by Sean Wolf on Apr 5, 2017

Expanding a raceway and installing new asphalt pavement, specifically designed for kart racing, is no easy feat.