Paving The Way With Quality

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

By controlling the raw ingredients, Wolf Paving can produce any type of asphalt mix to handle unique challenges — whether it’s steep hills where cracking can be a problem, or a flat driveway, Wolf Paving builds asphalt solutions designed to look better and last longer.

Plenty of asphalt paving companies in the area claim to be the best. But when it comes to trusting your home, business or municipal project to a paving company, consider the Wolf Paving difference:

  • Locally owned and operated — Wolf Paving employees and families all live and work in the communities we serve - from Milwaukee to Madison and everything in between. Just like you, we want nothing but the best for our area.
  • Asphalt plants — At Wolf Paving, we own the materials and plants, which allows us to control the entire process and provide you with the highest quality custom asphalt mixes to meet your specific paving needs. We have developed more than 20 custom mixes to ensure the right asphalt mix every time.
  • The right materials — Wolf Paving maintains a continuous inventory of washed and screened sand, crushed gravel, crushed limestone and fill materials. Wolf Paving has limestone quarries and sand and gravel pits positioned throughout southeastern Wisconsin — from Madison to Cambridge to Oconomowoc — to effectively serve you.
  • Experience — For nearly 75 years, asphalt manufacturing and paving has been our focus. Across the entire Wolf Paving organization, you will find knowledgeable and passionate team members to serve you.
  • Science and skill — Wolf Paving’s asphalt technicians test the properties of the material and the proper mix of oil and aggregates, and then test for density and proper compaction on site. The engineers also test for surface depth, coring it to measure for correct asphalt thickness. The in-house quality-control professionals at Wolf Paving assure you that your paving job will meet or exceed State of Wisconsin standards.
  • Total project management — The Wolf Paving project management team and crews pride themselves on communicating directly with you, giving you control through the entire process. From scheduling to walking you through each step of the process, Wolf Paving takes the time to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Flexibility — When the job needs to get done, Wolf Paving will work with you to open earlier in the spring or stay open later in the year. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, Wolf Paving will schedule your paving project in a way that causes as little inconvenience as possible.
  • Warranty — Wolf Paving has the confidence to stand by its work with one of the strongest guarantees in the industry, offering a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship for all asphalt paving projects.