Asphalt manufacturing

Asphalt Production and Manufacturing

From quarrying the raw materials to flawless installation — Wolf Paving does it all to take your project full circle. From asphalt production to designing, pulverizing, grading, paving and applying the finishing touches, the Wolf Paving team retains full control of your project from start to finish, delivering the custom asphalt solutions that set us apart.

At Wolf Paving, We Control the Raw Ingredients

Wolf Paving owns and operates several sand and gravel pits as well as two limestone quarries and maintains a continuous inventory of washed and screened sand, crushed gravel, crushed limestone, fill material, in addition to hot and cold asphalt mixes.

Upon request, Wolf Paving can also supply contractors with pickup or delivered prices for all your material requirements. Call today for current product pricing.

The Benefits We Offer You By Owning Our Own Asphalt Plant

  • Cost Control - With no middle man, we are able to offer the lowest material costs possible.

  • Total Mix Control - You can always be confident that you have the perfect mix for your specific project needs.

  • Quality Assurance – With certified asphalt quality control engineers in house and at our sister company,  Rock RoadTM,  we make sure our materials are just right for your application. 

  • Easy Recycling - We recycle right on site! 

  • Industry-Leading Warranties - We know every element in the asphalt mix we provide, and are confident offering a full one-year warranty on all our asphalt work.

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Understand the Asphalt Manufacturing Process

Take a look at our helpful video which outlines the asphalt manufacturing process in detail. At Wolf Paving, our ability to control the raw ingredients means we are able to create customer asphalt mixes for each unique job and specially catered to Wisconsin's unique climate. 

From how we mix aggregates to the importance of recycling, this video outlines everything you need to know about how asphalt is manufactured. 


For more information, visit The Asphalt Manufacturing Process Explained.

Contact the Wolf Paving team, asphalt paving experts in Milwaukee and Madison, to learn more about how we can help you with your unique paving needs.