About Wolf Paving

Asphalt Paving Contractor and Manufacturer serving Milwaukee and Madison

If you're driving through Waukesha County, chances are Wolf Paving originally created the road that's taking you where you need to go. That's because Wolf Paving was instrumental in developing key asphalt pavement surfaces in southern Wisconsin — and continues to pave the way today.

In 1941, Lawrence Wolf started Wolf Construction as an outlet for his mechanical expertise obtained as a vehicle mechanic. The company originally focused on manufacturing sand and gravel for the expanding economies of Waukesha and Jefferson county's.

The population movement started to discover Waukesha County in 1954, and Wolf Paving was the company of choice to develop the land. Between 1954 and 1964, the majority of all subdivisions in the county were developed by Wolf. A few other landmarks built by Wolf include Highway 100, Highway 59, and the Waukesha bypass.

As time went on, Wolf Paving continued to grow. In 1978, Wolf added services in the Dane County area by purchasing Construction Supply, a local paving contractor. Wolf Paving now continues to move to new locations as the market expands with the demands from a growing asphalt customer base.

In 2018, the Wolf family sold the company to the Kennedy family, owners of Rock Road.  Just like the Wolfs, the Kennedy family understands the importance of running a family business that operates with integrity and community values.

Today, Wolf Paving has various locations throughout Southeast Wisconsin: from Lake Michigan to Lake Geneva, Beaver Dam to Spring  Green, and everything in between.

Wolf Paving is committed to providing excellent experiences through involvement and giving back to the local community. The company works to actively improve green asphalt solutions and save our environment and the way we do business together with the environment.

With a long professional history, the experts at Wolf Paving are experienced and trained to handle virtually any asphalt paving project of any size, whether it is residential, commercial or municipal. We are the only local company that will meet all your asphalt paving needs from driveways to highways.