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3 Signs Your Parking Lot Sewer Drain or Manhole Needs Repair

sewer drain or manhole needs repairTo avoid costly repair and liability issues, a property manager’s, facilities manager’s and business owner’s exterior maintenance plan should include regular audits of all the property’s sewer drains and utility holes. Sewer drains and manholes can be found in parking lots, basements, backyards and alleys and with proper maintenance, may last a lifetime. Even with long-lasting characteristics, exposure to outdoor elements plays a role in the lifespan of drains and manholes that are both susceptible to deterioration.

Deterioration may be caused by the following, which require repair:

  1. Pooling Water
  2. Backup of Roots & Debris
  3. Brick & Mortar Deterioration

Prevent Damage from Pooling Water in Parking Lots

If you have noticed pooling water at manholes, curbs, or anywhere atop your parking lot asphalt pavement, you’ll want to consider assessing your drainage situation before it becomes a bigger problem. Pooling water can create difficulties for pedestrians, cars, and can gradually cause damage to your asphalt pavement. Ignoring this situation can lead to the need for premature repairs.

Beyond pooling water, other signs of drainage issues are residual streaks of sand, rocks, or other residues along with low spots in your asphalt. Several areas may be the cause of water pools beyond drainage issues that require paving and repair services to resolve. These include:

Asphalt Paving Slope – Proper slope planning during asphalt installation is essential in regard to drainage. If your parking lot slope doesn’t guide the water into the drains with enough force, a repair can likely resolve the issue.

Asphalt Curbing – Also vital to directing stormwater into the sewer drain system, the aesthetics of your parking lot must be properly planned to also make the most out of grassy areas and inlets where water can also be directed during heavy or extended rains.

It's also important to keep in mind that pooling water in the warmer months, means dangerous ice patches in winter. You can learn to protect your asphalt pavement from winter weather with these 6 tips. 

Sewer Blockages – Debris and Roots are Unseen Enemies

Naturally, various wastes will get washed into the sewer drains, and over time they can build up and clog the pipes which will leave you with serious – and even hazardous – pooling on your asphalt surfaces. Your parking lot annual maintenance plan should include an inspection of your sewer drains and pipes by a licensed professional to help increase the lifespan of your parking lot.

In addition to identifying and clearing any blockages, these experts also have equipment that will help locate and remove any root penetrations that can hinder the entire system – or cause it to fail entirely. Skimping on this inspection can lead to serious expense down the line, including the need for partial or full parking lot repair or replacement.

Deterioration of Brick and Mortar Around Catch Drains and Manholes

Erosion and extreme weather can eventually cause the bricks and mortar that support your catch drains and manhole covers to require some repairs. However, problems like pooling water due to improper asphalt installation or drainage issues will expedite the process. Once the integrity of mortar and brick surroundings have been compromised, the deterioration will quickly progress as the weight of automobiles add stress.

Without immediate attention, these areas can sink suddenly, causing injury to pedestrians or vehicles – a dangerous situation. Including a close look at the catch drains and manhole cover enclosures should always be a part of your exterior inspection plan.

Inspections Can Prevent Premature Parking Lot Repair

If you notice pooling water, suspect sewer drainage problems, or see any deterioration around your drainage implements, parking lot engineer experts can help identify any immediate concerns and underlying causes. Remember, not all of these issues will be so obvious, so an annual inspection is the key to a long-lasting, safe parking lot surface.

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