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4 Asphalt Parking Lot Qualities That Attract More Customers

asphalt parking lotParking lot paving is likely the first point of contact that a business has with customers, so making a good first impression is vital to maintaining their patronage. Unsightly potholes filled with collected rainwater, sizable cracks that can cause falls, and hard to see asphalt pavement lines equal a poorly maintained asphalt parking lot that is sure to drive visitors somewhere else – literally. Take note of these four qualities of a parking lot that will make visiting your premises a pleasure for your clientele.

Asphalt Maintenance Boosts Curb Appeal

You likely pay a service to regularly prune any shrubs or landscaping on your property, so why ignore the need for asphalt maintenance? Consider these statistics… According to a survey from the National Parking Association Industry Rate Study for 2013-14, “More than 40% of all survey respondents reported increased demand for parking services. This increase was greatest for Off-Street, CBD and hospitals, with 54% and 53%, respectively, reporting volume increases.”

Naturally, more wear and tear will ultimately occur with greater demand, making asphalt maintenance necessary to handle any visible potholes, cracks, and elevations in pavement as they occur. Waiting only makes the cracks grow wider and the potholes get deeper. Asphalt maintenance should always include ensuring your parking lot paving has visible striping, clearly marked handicap accessibility, and identifiable pedestrian crossing points. Not only does asphalt maintenance make your lot safer, it boosts its curb appeal.

Smooth, Hazard Free Surfaces are Key to Safety

Realizing that they’ve parked atop a pothole filled with water or snow sludge doesn’t go over well with customers, particularly when the lot is filled. Rest assured, they won’t appreciate stepping into a sizeable crack or hole wetting their nice shoes and/or taking a spill, either. Potholes and cracks are hazards that will ultimately cost you both customers and money. Neglecting asphalt maintenance and repairs puts asphalt parking lot owners at risk for lawsuits, while a well-kept lot draws visitors.

Smooth, Seamless Integration and Planning for Asphalt Pavement Repairs

Whether planning an asphalt pavement improvement project, expansion, repairs, or maintenance, its essential that your installation professional take an integrated design approach – taking all aspects of the project into account. From ensuring that your asphalt pavement has a solid gravel base to planning for the aspects of streamlining functionality, operational integrity, and proper drainage, be sure to consult an expert before starting a project. Additionally, thorough testing of all asphalt mixes helps make sure that your new asphalt parking lot paving matches seamlessly with your existing surfaces.

Asphalt Pavement and Proper Draining

Asphalt pavement in Milwaukee also calls for consideration for adequate drainage of rain and melting snow while keeping in mind the need for seasonal ice patch prevention through use of salts and chemicals that can penetrate a poorly installed or non-sealcoated surface. Poor drainage, lack of a snow shoot, or at least a designated snow holding area when planning the aesthetics and design approach of the lot will actually cause holes and cracks to form prematurely. Proper asphalt sealcoating will help stave off water damage to some extent, but water and asphalt aren’t friends, and standing water can cause even greater damage to existing cracks, crevices, and asphalt flaws.

In terms of exterior maintenance, an asphalt parking lot should be at the top of the list for ongoing maintenance because of visibility, immediate perception of your business and liability concerns. Whether you need a striping touch-up or major repair, Wolf Paving’s service experts will provide the best recommendations for you and your business.

What parking lot paving and maintenance services or repairs are you considering this spring?

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