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4 Things a Business Owner or Contractor Should Know About Permeable Pavement

Choosing a paving option for your project is critical to its success. Bad paving choices can lead to poor drainage and expensive repairs. Porous asphalt can be the ideal paving solution for many commercial applications.Porous Asphalt Diagram

What is permeable asphalt?

Permeable asphalt is known by a variety of names: porous asphalt, porous pavement and pervious asphalt. Permeable asphalt is similar in many ways to regular asphalt with one small change -- it lacks the fine aggregate present in typical asphalt. This small change can make a huge difference in your paving projects.

What are the benefits of permeable asphalt?

The main benefit of this type of paving material is it allows water to pass through the pavement into the ground below. This mean less water will collect on the surface of parking lots and roadways. It also means that there is less damaging runoff and flooding potential from paved surfaces.

A side benefit to this type of pavement is the filtering aspect of the product. According to, oil and other substances left on the pavement is filtered as it passes through the pavement and into the underlying stone bed. The stones act like a water filter and trap the oil and other substances. This filtering aspect of the product helps to product the local water supplies.

Why is permeable asphalt a good paving solution for your business?

Permeable asphalt is among the top asphalt solutions for your company. The cost of using this type of asphalt is insignificantly higher than normal asphalt, but it can save significant maintenance time and reduce the cost of upkeep.

Since water is able pass through the asphalt, it is less likely to collect on the surface or cause damaging and expensive flooding. In cold weather this standing water can freeze on parking lots and roadways and cause dangerous situations, liability concerns and costly repairs. Because of the unique nature of this product, the cost of maintaining the paved area is lower -- saving you maintenance costs.

Make sure you work with an expert who works with this type of asphalt solution.

There are so many benefits to permeable asphalt, But, before you hire a company to pour your surface, make sure they have experience with using permeable pavement. Not all companies are experienced at installing permeable surfaces. It is important to hire an expert who has proper knowledge of the product to help you get all the benefits of this type of asphalt.

What unique challenges are you facing with your next asphalt paving project? A permeable solution may be the answer for you. Wolf Paving has more than 70 years of paving experience. For more information about our permeable asphalt solutions, download a brochure or contact our service experts.

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