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5 Fun & Functional Finishing Touches for Your Parking Lot

Think Outside the Lines with These Finishing Touches for Your Parking Lot

Is your parking lot just a place where cars and trucks come and go? Or could it be something more?

If you’re planning a parking lot paving project, why not consider it an opportunity to add unique value for visitors. From pretty to practical, here are five ways to add finishing touches for your customers, employees and community to enjoy.

1. Trees

With proper planning, trees can enhance the aesthetics of any lot while providing cooling shade. Plus, placing them in below-grade landscape islands can play a key role in stormwater management.

Work with a landscape expert to select larger, salt-tolerant canopy trees such as hybrid elms and oaks. The branches of these higher-growth trees won’t interfere with nearby vehicles. You might also need fast-draining loamy soils that are suitable for use under pavement.

2. Fitness Facilities

Got some space on the perimeter or along a central island? Consider including outdoor workout equipment.

A series of simple, low-maintenance stations takes a small upfront investment. But it could add just the right perk for employees looking to get a bit of exercise and fresh air to break up their day.

3. Last Mile Solutions

Do your visitors need to get farther than your front door? Last mile solutions can make it easier and more fun.

Today, there’s any number of electric scooter and bike share programs to choose from. While you’re at it, you might also look into adding an EV charging station. Although it’s a significant investment and responsibility, it’s an amenity that’s in increasingly high demand.  

4. Storage Space

Don’t forget the equipment and supplies you need outdoors. Reserving a small section of your lot for storage can be a big plus for operations.

Depending on your needs, there’s a wide range of outdoor containers and structures available. You don’t have to break the bank to store and protect essential gear with a bit of style.

5. Artwork or Branding

Fresh pavement looks beautiful — especially if it’s done by our team! But it can also be a blank/black canvas for even greater visual interest.

How about some colorful stenciled artwork that relates to your organization? A company logo or other branded design is a memorable way to build affinity with your brand. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to plan regular upkeep so that it stays looking good.


If you find any of these ideas (or one of your own?) inspiring, it’s not too early to begin planning your parking lot paving project. Start with expert advice from the Wolf Paving team. Request a free quote today. Meanwhile, here are some budgeting tips

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