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Driveway lighting: benefits and options

Driveway LightingThe benefits of driveway lighting are proven. In both industrial and residential settings, well-lit driveways deter thieves, intruders and trespassers, and improve safety for the building's residents and occupants. You can also greatly enhance the curb appeal of your property by choosing the right type of lighting for your driveway. Broadly speaking, you have three major options:

  • Transit lighting. The defining feature of transit lighting is its low placement. This type of driveway lighting is mounted close to the ground, either by placing the bottom ends of the lights directly into the ground or mounting the lights on low-lying poles. While the effects of transit lighting are subtle, they are effective; it helps residents, employees and visitors find their way without being blinded by a bright eye-level light.
  • Post lighting. One of the major advantages of post lighting is that it casts light over a wider area, providing superior protection and theft deterrence. In most cases, post lights are mounted on poles that stand between three and four feet in height; stylistic options are endless, ranging from the traditional looks of bygone decades to ultra-modern, contemporary styles.
  • Path lighting. If you're looking for an option that combines elegance with practicality, path lighting is an ideal choice. Best-suited to residential applications, path lights typically consist of two lights mounted on tall poles on opposite sides of the driveway entrance, with additional lights placed at regular intervals along the driveway's path. It can also be used on commercial properties, especially if the driveway is relatively narrow before opening up to a larger parking lot.

In terms of power sources, consider solar driveway lighting as an alternative to traditional electricity- or battery-powered lights. Solar driveway lights draw their charge from the sun during the day, providing green and eco-friendly lighting all night long.


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