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A First Class Tennis Court Construction Project for Pewaukee Schools [Case Study]

"I did a final inspection on the courts on July 8, 2011, and I have to say that this was a first-class tennis court project."

This is what construction consultant Mike Devine had to say after Wolf Paving completed a challenging tennis court construction project for the Pewaukee, Wisconsin school district. Wolf Paving delivered on its promises even when faced with difficult working conditions and stringent project tolerances. The company's professionals leveraged their skill, experience and innovation to rise to the occasion.

An Overview of the Pewaukee School District Tennis Court Project

The Pewaukee school district awarded the tennis court contract to Wolf Paving in March, 2011. All in all, the project consisted of eight standard-sized tennis courts.

Engineering company JSD Professional Services, Inc. and construction consultant Mike Devine created an intricate design for the project, complete with an elaborate drainage system to be built beneath the court to prevent the collection of standing water, which could cause serious damage to the surface integrity of the courts themselves.

Deliverables and Project Tolerances

With week after week of rainy weather, it soon became apparent that it would be impossible to meet the original construction deadline of June 20, 2011. Another challenge that Wolf Paving faced was that the slope for the tennis court drainage system was capped at a maximum of 1.06 percent, which is slightly more than half of the standard slope allowance for roads and parking lots. Despite initial doubts that this could be accomplished, the construction consultant and engineering firm created a plan to make it work. Then, it was all up to Wolf Paving to make their blueprints a functional reality.

Wolf Paving Rises to the Occasion

The tennis court construction project faced adversity almost from the get-go. Weather conditions during the end of March and throughout April were extremely wet, but despite the fact that 45 percent of the working days of the construction period were rife with precipitation, Wolf Paving revised its initial project management and revamped communications to facilitate improved efficiency.

The Wolf Paving team worked very hard to maximize every work day to make up for the rainy weather, and succeeded with flying colors. Through a combination of employee dedication and the innovative application of 100 percent virgin asphalt mix to ensure the perfect smoothness of the court surfaces, the tennis court construction project was completed on July 5, 2011 to remarkable results.

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