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Why Parking Lot Striping is Part Science, Art

Parking lot striping appears to be deceptively simple. Many paving clients see theirParking Lot Striping freshly painted lots with neat, perfectly straight lines demarcating parking spots and think there was nothing to it. In reality, creating parking spots is an intricate process that requires careful planning and precise execution.

The process begins by taking the practical factors into account. At this stage, the paving company will consider:

  • The total surface area of the parking lot
  • City zoning requirements and limits on the number of parking spaces
  • The client's desired parking spot size and shape, and their preferred layout for the lot
  • Logistics of traffic flow within the parking lot area and adjacent streets

After these considerations have been properly factored into the equation, the paving company will create a parking lot striping plan. While such plans are generally designed to create a familiar and orderly layout that maximizes the available space, some clients prefer to be creative and add some flair to the parking lot by creating unique layouts and differently shaped or oriented parking spots.

Some of the many parking lot striping possibilities include:

  • Single lines: This is the simplest and least expensive option.
  • Double lines or double-lined ends: Double lines can separate individual spots, or mark the ends of rows.
  • Rounded ends: This is a decorative alternative to the double-lined end style.
  • Custom striping: A specialized design of the client's choice can usually be incorporated.
  • T-stall parking: These box-style parking stalls make the most of tight spaces against walls or in isolated corners.

At Wolf Paving, our skilled professionals can execute any type of parking lot striping plan, from the simplest and most straightforward to the most intricate and unique. We serve clients throughout the Milwaukee area, and to discuss your specific needs in detail, please contact us.

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