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The World of Asphalt Conference Overview

The asphalt industry is full of events that bring in new perspectives and help expand the knowledge base of those in the asphalt paving industry. The World of Asphalt Show and Conference 2012, March 13-15, in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides over 40 educational sessions and many opportunities to talk to industry experts and view over 300 exhibitors. Here’s a brief overview of what the conference has to offer.

People, Plants, and Paving Training ProgramWorld of Asphalt

  • Learn the skills necessary for optimal paving performance
  • Learn new techniques for quality asphalt paving
  • Learn ways to preserve and sustain asphalt pavement

AGG1 Academy

  • Discover the latest trends in the aggregate industry
  • Discover ways to evaluate and improve plant productivity
  • Discover how production changes can affect quality

Going Green

  • Explore ways to lower costs and be more eco-friendly
  • Explore some “green” practices for asphalt mixtures
  • Explore case studies about warm mix asphalt

Also, review some of the products that will appear in the exhibits at the World of Asphalt Conference. Some exhibitors include:

  • Astec
  • Bomag
  • Caterpillar
  • Clarence Richard

Check out this full list of asphalt industry events happening this year. Are you attending any events this year? Do you have an event that you’d like to add to the list? We’d love to hear from you via the comments section below.

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