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Variables to Consider When Determining Asphalt Paving Costs

“How much is this going to cost me?”

asphalt paving costsThis is, of course, one of the most-asked questions we get here at Wolf Paving.  We understand the reasons why and would love to be able to give a simple response.  However, every paving project is different and only rough estimates can be given until all the variables of each particular project are considered.  Here are a few of the variables that can affect asphalt paving costs.


The type of soil onto which the pavement will be poured can affect the quote in a few different ways.  Certain types of soil will require more compaction than others.  (Compaction removes excess air from the soil and makes a more dense, stable base for the asphalt.)  Also, certain types may require the asphalt to be thicker than others.


How often do you have heavy trucks, like trash or delivery trucks, driving in the area you’re having paved?  If never, your asphalt may only need to be a few inches thick.  However, if trucks ever drive on the area, even if infrequently, the paving needs to be thicker to withstand the extra pressure.  In general, the thicker the asphalt, the more it can withstand and the longer it lasts.


How big is your project?  How much prep work will be required?  Is it a straightforward project (e.g., a simple driveway) or something more complicated (e.g., with obstacles)? 

We hope these examples of variables give you an idea of why estimates for asphalt paving costs are inexact until the site is analyzed.  Wolf Paving will carefully assess your project, price the work honestly, and provide you the best, most long-lasting quality.  Contact us, and we’ll happily answer any questions or give you a quote for your project.  


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