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How Asphalt Pavement Helps You in Winter

Oh, the joys of winter. The ice, the snow! The de-icing, the plowing!  And (worse yet) the after-effects of cracks and potholes!

hot mix asphaltWinter is nearly here, and you can count on it being hard… at least on pavements. The freezing and thawing, the de-icers and chemicals, and the plowing and weight of plow trucks add up to the perfect storm for damaging pavements.

However, some pavements hold up better than others through all this. If you want your parking lot or driveway to last through many winters, consider using hot-mix asphalt. 

What is hot-mix asphalt?

Hot-mix asphalt pavement is an aggregate of stones, sand, and petroleum, which is engineered, heated, and mixed in exact proportions to match the needs of the area being paved. It is poured very soon after mixing and while still hot, but cools very quickly after pouring (so it can be used nearly right away).

What are the benefits of hot-mix asphalt?

Hot-mix asphalt has many benefits:

  1. Strong and durable
  2. Engineered specifically to withstand freezing and thawing cycles
  3. Unaffected by salting and de-icing agents
  4. Designed to flex and give with pressure and ground settling instead of breaking or cracking
  5. Most cost-effective
  6. Requires minimal maintenance

Winter can be tough, especially on pavements.  But some pavements, like those made with hot-mix asphalt, hold up much better than others.  Don’t let the “joys” of winter interfere with the joys of having a functional and attractive driveway or parking lot.  Choose your pavement material carefully, and winter will lose much of its sting!

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