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Protect your Property through the Plowing Season

We talk a lot about the benefits of winter snow plowing and snow removal service.  However, sometimes plowing and snow removal can be hard on a property.  For example, landscaping features can take a real beating, and existing potholes might increase in size from the heavy plowing trucks.  Here are some winter preparation tips to help you make it through the snow removal season without damage.

Protect Landscaping

Landscaping damage can occur in two ways. 

The first concern for landscaping comes from plows and shovels.  Before the snow covers your landscaping features, take the time to mark them. Use brightly colored flags to show the boundary for plows and shovels along driveways, walkways, medians, and curbs.  Cut back plants that overhang driveways – these can cause damage to vehicles or be damaged by them.

The second threat to landscaping comes from de-icing agents, particularly sodium chloride, which can be very toxic to both plants and the surrounding soil.  Strategies to protect your plants include:

  • Using salt-tolerant plants along boundary areas where de-icing agents are likely to be needed.
  • Directing drainage away from plants and/or using raised beds for landscaping along boundary areas so de-icers will not run off into the soil.
  • Covering plants with burlap, plastic, or snow fencing in areas where salt spray (from passing traffic) is likely.
  • Mixing sodium chloride with other less toxic agents such as sand.
  • Applying de-icers early after shoveling or plowing so the ice does not have time to fully form and bond with the surface beneath it.

Store Materials Properly

If you’re storing your own materials, be sure to store them in such a way that there is no run-off.  Besides killing plants, de-icing agents can be harmful to groundwater and stain or otherwise damage asphalt.  Some professional snow removal companies, like Wolf Paving, have EPA-approved bulk storage containers to overcome this concern.

Coordinate with Your Plowing Company

One way to ensure your winter preparation is complete is to consider using a professional plowing service.  They can work with you to ensure sensitive areas are guarded, snow is removed quickly and efficiently, and de-icers are handled with care.  They can also guide you on the best ways to protect your property.  Additionally, they'll work with you proactively to schedule asphalt maintenance, like applying a sealcoat before winter or filling in cracks and potholes. 

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