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Permeable Pavement to be used in Milwaukee County Roads

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is continuing its work on keeping Milwaukee “green.” In July 2012, an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed that MMSD began required rooftop plants and the installation of other “green infrastructures” to help collect and absorb storm water. MMSD announced in a recent article that permeable pavement will be used along portions of three Milwaukee county roads.

One goal of this work is to improve the water quality in nearby wetlands and along rivers. “Reducing the volume of soil and sand eroding from the shoulder and capturing storm water laden with pollutants washed off the pavement will improve water quality.”

The permeable pavement blocks will collect rain and melting snow so it goes into the ground instead of along roads and rivers, preventing washing and the spreading of pollutants.

Wolf Paving stands by their priority of keeping asphalt “green.” We use permeable, or porous, asphalt, which can be used as a storm water management system. The small pores in this type of asphalt allow water to percolate through the asphalt and into the ground below. This infiltration system helps to control water run off and washouts.

We can help incorporate porous asphalt into your green infrastructure or expansion plans. Find out ‘How Porous Asphalt Pavement Helped Expand a Business’ in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

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