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The Dos and Don'ts of Blacktop Sealcoating

Blacktop sealcoating is easily one of the best investments a homeowner or business can make into the longevity of their asphalt. Like how lacquer sets a piece of wood, sealcoating keeps the elements out of your blacktop, giving it a much longer lifespan.

It's known that you need to get new sealcoating every few years as it wears out, but many don't know that there are simple things you can do to extend your sealcoat investment!

Here are a few simple ways you can make your blacktop sealcoating last longer:

When You Have Blacktop Sealcoating...
  • Don't: Drive near the edges. The sealcoating is going to be weakest on the very edges of the asphalt, which similarly isn't designed to have angled pressure put on it. Try to stay a foot away from them, and avoid parking on the edge.
  • Do: Regularly wash it clean. This is as simple as maintenance gets. A couple minutes with a water hose to keep the surface clear is all it takes, as debris will flow easily off. It is important to prevent these materials from building up, as they could begin to dig into the sealcoating – especially if cars are driving over hard debris like sticks.
  • Don't: Store pointed or narrow objects on it. An object such as a large ladder, left in one place long enough, can begin to sink into the not-quite-solid material. This compresses it, weaken it and making it more likely to crack in that area. In weather over 100F, avoid putting anything pointed directly on it, even high heels.
  • Do: Change where you park slightly. Over the years, parking in the exact same place every time can similarly cause the blacktop sealcoating to compress. If you have a car that stays parked for extended periods, move it a few feet every couple weeks. (Besides, cranking it up occasionally is good for the engine.)
  • Don't: Allow large vehicles. Asphalt and blacktop sealcoating are designed mostly around how much weight they can hold before they begin to compress and sink. Residential and small-business grade installations will be damaged quickly by lorries or industrial equipment. Similarly, anything with treads should be avoided as well, even “personal size” equipment like Bobcats. Keep them on the street.

In most cases, expertly-installed blacktop sealcoating will last for years. However, these few simple tips can ensure you go as long as possible between new coatings.

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