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Wolf Paving Recycles Asphalt and Concrete

People don't often think of paving as being environmentally friendly, much less “green,” but here at Wolf Paving, we take recycling seriously. In recent years, there have been significant advances in the field of construction material recycling, especially when it comes time to tear out and replace existing construction.

Recycled Concrete and AsphaltIn fact, folks often ask us whether we engage in asphalt and concrete recycling, and we're proud to say that we recycle 100% of the asphalt we remove from construction sites. Asphalt is almost endlessly reusable – over 90 million tons are reused every year. Plus, by recycling waste materials we're already digging up, you and we both see a three-way benefit!

1 – The recycling itself vastly reduces the need to create new asphalt.

2 – We save a lot of money this way, by keeping everything at the site, and

3 – We're also preventing a lot of needless gasoline use, since these are heavy materials that need large trucks to move around.

We don't just recycle asphalt, though. We also engage in concrete recycling when removing it from a dig. Concrete recycling is accomplished by crushing it to produce gravel for driveways, or as a sub-base for a new asphalt layer, or left in place and pulverized through a process called rubblization. (Which is exactly what it sounds like.)

Another product we recycle is used roofing shingles. Wolf Paving accepts tear-off shingles at our plant, grinds them up and recovers the asphalt oil and uses it to produce new asphalt.

We can even take leftover waste oil and use it to power the burners at our main plant.   We truly do seek to make the most of the materials at every site. It reduces our costs and yours, while helping keep the planet healthy. 

So, if you're looking into a construction project and worried about the environmental effects, give us a call! We'd love to tell you all about the ways we can take your existing construction and turn it into something new with a minimum of waste!

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