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Why Using Porous Asphalt Will Save You In The Long Run

Here in Wisconsin, where the winters can get brutal and the springs can be extremely wet, we tend to recommend our clients invest in porous asphalt pavement.

Porous Asphalt PavementPorous asphalt is an environmentally-friendly form of blacktop that offers significant advantages over the more standard “solid” asphalt. It's true that it does cost somewhat more up-front, generally around 25% more than non-porous asphalt. However, that investment will pay off in numerous ways – especially once winter hits!

The Real Financial Advantages Of Porous Asphalt Pavement

The main point of porous asphalt is that it allows water to flow through the pavement, rather than getting trapped on top. This creates numerous benefits for you that easily outweigh the initial extra cost.

  • Runoff and drainage are controlled, by simply allowing the water to flow through and back into the groundwater supply.
  • Since water won't stay on the surface, it's nearly impossible for black ice to form.
  • You won't have to salt except during the most serious snows\freezes.
  • Your chances of liability damages due to slick\unsafe asphalt is vastly reduced.
  • Water also doesn't become trapped within the asphalt, making it far less likely to crack during winter freezes and thaws, reducing your repair costs and extending the life of the pavement.
  • The porous asphalt also helps muffle sound, reducing traffic noise outside your door.

In fact, the only real maintenance you'd need to do with porous asphalt is an occasional vacuum\sweeping to collect dirt and debris that have gotten into the pavement.

So, while warmer areas may have less reason to move to porous asphalt, here in the freezing north, it simply makes sense for virtually any home or organization looking to pour a new driveway, parking lot, or road way. The initial costs are easily offset by the reduced maintenance, lower chances of accident, and longer lifespan.

Experts Bring You The Best Porous Asphalt Pours

The only other thing you need for a successful porous asphalt installation is a team of experts to create it! The ground beneath porous asphalt has to be carefully graded and prepared to support the new blacktop, and process that not every paving company can handle.

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