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Residential Asphalt Driveway Repair and Repave Done Right - Wolf Paving (Case Study)

In the summer of 2014, Rick Sparks from Fall River contacted Wolf Paving to demolish his existing driveway and install a new driveway that better met his needs. Rick had recently installed a new retaining wall and wanted the paved surface to extend to the wall. He also wanted the edges of his driveway straightened.WPRickSparks

Wolf Paving sent Josh to perform an initial estimate and gather more details about the project. The scope of the project not only encompassed a new driveway but also landscaping integration, which takes careful thought and planning. Josh drew up a detailed estimate and described the scope of the project and the details from a paving standpoint to Mr. Sparks, who then agreed to the project and costs.

Steve, the project manager for this job, was then given the details of the driveway demolition and reinstall. He organized the resources and manpower for the project and laid out the final design. For this project, Steve determined that a sub-contractor was not necessary. Wolf Paving had all the resources and man-power to complete the job on-time. 

The importance of creating a great looking asphalt driveway cannot be underestimated. Well-maintained driveways that integrate landscaping with practical design can add curb appeal and value to homes. It tells neighbors and passersby that the homeowner takes pride in his home.

The project started with the demolition of the old driveway surface. The old asphalt was then removed and taken to Wolf Paving’s recycling plants to be turned into foundation material and new hot mix asphalt. By recycling asphalt waste, Wolf Paving is reducing the need to mine and drill for new resources.

WPRickSparks3The driveway edge was then undercut and stone was added to solidify the foundation and ensure that the paved surface met the retaining wall. The foundation was then fine graded to provide the proper elevation. The driveway was now ready for the top layer of asphalt, which Wolf Paving specifically prepared for this job.

Mr. Sparks requested 3 inches of asphalt for his top layer. This required the project manager, Steve, to perform a few calculations. Asphalt needs to stay above a certain temperature in order to maintain its elasticity throughout the laying and compacting process. Steve determined that Wolf paving had between 60 and 67 minutes to lay, smooth and compact the pavement. This was plenty of time to complete the job.

Mr. Sparks’ driveway replacement was completed on-time, within budget and without the need for special processes or equipment.

At the end of the project, Mr. Sparks was thrilled with the work, stating that watching and working with Wolf Paving was an excellent experience.WPRickSparks2

“The crew that came out to remove the old driveway and grade and finish the site were just plain pros. It was enjoyable watching such competent workers. The asphalt-laying crew also did an excellent job and were just as interesting to watch. It was all like a well-orchestrated symphony performing. Every member knew exactly what to do and did it with gusto! Bravo Wolf Paving and thanks!”

To have your driveway paved or request a quote, call Wolf Paving. We offer two locations for your convenience. For paving services in and around Milwaukee, call 262-965-2121. For paving in and around the Madison area, call 608-249-7931.

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