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8 Easy Ways to Improve Business Curb Appeal

Customers start making judgements the minute they see your building, and you guessed it, your pavement. What does your business exterior say about you? As a business owner, it’s important to be sending the right image to potential customers. Every little detail adds to the full picture you’re trying to paint of your business and you should be taking every advantage presented to you.

Having good curb appeal encourages potential customers to walk into your building, and immediately sets you up as a reputable business. We’ve compiled a list of elements to pay attention to that will immediately boost your business’ charm!

business curb appeal

Step 1: Make Sure Pavement Stripes are Clearly Visible

This is good for safety as well as appearances, and shows customers that you perform regular updates to your property.

Step 2: Readable Signs

Replace any old or worn down signage on your property. This goes for both parking lot signs and your building address. Keeping things clean and readable will help avoid confusion.

Step 3: Clean Your Pavement Clean

Continuous upkeep improves appearances, and removing litter from your pavement can help water drainage. Consider the benefits of hiring a street sweeping service every so often.

Step 4: Fill in the Potholes

Not only are they ugly, they are dangerous. If you notice a pothole forming, get it repaired right away. Potholes will only get bigger and they cost less to fix when they are small. Download this FREE brochure to learn why potholes form and how to prevent them!

Step 5: Fix the Cracks

Filling in small cracks right away will help you from needing big repairs later on. They will grow overtime and become a hazard for employees and customers alike. Learn what to do when you see alligator cracking in asphalt here.

Step 6: Add Some Beauty with Plant Life

Planting is a great way to add some natural beauty and a splash of color. It can also make your business seem more homey and welcoming.

Step 7: Sealcoat Your Pavement

Sealcoating extends the life of your pavement and keeps it looking beautiful. It also protects pavement from UV rays, oil and chemical spills, oxidation, water penetration, and actually accelerates the rate of melting snow and ice. Sealcoating will also give your pavement a dark finish, making it look brand new!

Step 8: Building Upkeep

Does your building need a new paint job? How’s the roof looking? Make sure everything is clean and visually appealing. Attention to detail, from clean downspouts to a new front door, will help convey the care you put into your business.

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