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The Ultimate Christmas List for the Asphalt Lover in You!

Christmas List for Asphalt LoversChristmas was always a special time in the Wolf household.  Why, I remember my grandpa Wolf, founder of Wolf Construction, telling us classic Christmas tales, pretty much like in every home:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and across the pavement,

Its setting was rapid, unlike cement.

The asphalt had been pressed by the contractors with care,

in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would land there.

The pavement was laid snug in its bed,

Ready and waiting for Santa’s new sled!

… OK, so that might not be the version you all remember. Grandpa was pretty dedicated to his work, but so were his sons and grandsons!

Still, the Wolf pack’s Christmas had its own special traditions.  Most kids fear the lump of coal in their stocking, but we knew a chunk of bitumen meant that we’d been extra-good! That’s right, the love of asphalt really started early in the Wolf household.

We had some great reading material too, the type that any asphalt lover would love to get their hands on. Like, the lovely coffee table book Paving The Way: Asphalt In America,with more than 250 historical paving photographs! Or, for more serious asphalt historians (like my brother), there were plenty of marvelous tales in Blacktop: How Asphalt Paving Came to the Urban United States.

I remember so many great story-telling sessions, beneath the traditional German asphalt Christmas tree.  “Read it again, Grandpa!”my brother and I would cry, as he related the thrilling tales of how young pioneers brought blacktop to cities across the young nation. Those Christmas heroes, laying pavement in the face of personal strife really inspired us young Wolf lads!

Oh, and the clothes!  Now, these days I’d love nothing more to have one of grandmom’s home-stitched “Asphalt Is For Lovers” sweaters, but times have changed. You can still recapture some of that holiday blacktop magic, though, with the great line of “I Love Asphalt!” products from CafePress, including shirts, sweaters, and hoodies!

They’re perfect for every budding young paving contractor in your home! After all, just imagine the look on little Timmy’s face, when he wakes up to find hot asphalt swag under the tree!  Maybe he could even get his own Wolf Paving safety gear, and won’t he be thrilled?

So, this holiday season, we hope that the smell of fresh asphalt fills the air, waiting for Santa to land on newly-paved driveways everywhere! 

From all of us at Wolf Paving - We want to Thank You for Your Business and Wish You and Your Family a Blessed Holiday!

Sean and Devin

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