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Recycled Concrete Aggregate and the Need for Sustainability

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Oct 16, 2012

Wolf Paving is proud of the asphalt recycling we do.  We recycle 100% of the asphalt we remove from job sites, plus we accept recyclable material from other contractors.  But asphalt isn’t the only building and paving material that can be recycled.  Another material we focus on is concrete recycling and reuse. 

Why Recycle Concrete?

There was a time when the majority of used concrete was sent to a landfill.  Not only does it take up a large amount of landfill space, which is increasingly at a premium, but it costs money (as much as $0.25 per ton per mile) and resources to transport it and/or dispose of it (as high as $100 per ton).  Then more money and resources go toward creating all-new concrete.  These days, about 100 million tons of concrete is recycled annually.