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A Complete Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

Posted by Jacob Mrugacz on Jan 17, 2020

You can never know what a Wisconsin winter will bring, it's best always to be prepared.

Most Wisconsinites are no stranger to the winter emergency kit, kept in the backseat or trunk. Even though the need for these kits are far and few between, when the need does arise, they could very well save your life. Or at least, help you avoid being stranded, cold, and annoyed.

So, where do you start when building your winter emergency kit? Many kits can be pre-bought, but most people have what they need lying around the house and can build their own kit pretty quickly.

Beware the Color of Black Ice - A Clear and Slippery Danger!

Posted by Jeff Coon on Jan 9, 2012

Everyone remembers that scene in Disney’s Bambi where he skids around on ice while his rabbit friend laughs. The scene is very cute, but it belies reality: ice is extremely dangerous, causing many injuries and accidents each winter.