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Wolf Paving Proudly Supports the Hebron House in Waukesha

Being involved in the community and helping others plays an important role at Wolf Paving. This past fall, Wolf Paving donated their time and materials to the Hebron House in Waukesha.

Wolf Paving Donates to the Hebron House in WaukeshaThe involvement and connection Wolf Paving has with the Hebron House goes further than just paving. Marion Link, the grandmother of the Wolf brothers, felt very strongly about how important it was to have this shelter for families who needed immediate housing help.

When the Hebron House was just getting started, they had a house on Hartwell Ave, close to St. Joe's church in Waukesha. Marion Link happily went and worked for hours - cleaning, painting, scraping old wall paper, sewing new curtains, finding used furniture, etc. She believed in their work and so does Wolf Paving. The Hebron House continues to be one of Waukesha's most respected and needed organizations.

Wolf Paving employees have served breakfast for the homeless men and have donated money, food and time for the past few winters at the Hebron House shelter in Waukesha.

“The Hebron House does a lot of good for people in the Waukesha area,” said Kent Breitenfeldt, estimator for the Hebron House project.

Irene Perez, Director of Development & Volunteer Coordinator, joined the Hebron House in March. When she started, there was no playground, just a gravel pit. She began researching companies, and Wolf Paving came through saying they would be happy to be involved in the project.

Kent Breitenfeldt looked at the project and helped out on a work day. Community volunteers that were helping the shelter inspired Kent. Devin Wolf, when approached with the donation to the Hebron House was very excited to help and knew it was a worthy cause. Wolf Paving is proud to be part of this project. Hundreds of volunteers and many contractors also donated time, supplies and labor.

Wolf Paving Supports the Hebron House in WaukeshaThe project included saw cutting the existing edge of the asphalt and adjoining it to the new area. The stone was also cut down in the existing lot to allow for drainage, fine graded stone, and in preparation for 3” hot mix asphalt.

“I can't even tell you how cool it was to get to know Kent, and then to talk to Jim Larsen on the phone! They were awesome to work with - super nice, so caring, and really considerate,” said Irene of the project. “We'll be having an official ribbon cutting in spring after landscaping is done. A donor wall will be at the site and Wolf Paving will be included in all of that.”

For just over 30 years, the Hebron House of Hospitality has been the largest nonprofit provider of services to the homeless men, women and children in Waukesha County. On average, the agency serves over 2,000 people a year. That means providing food, clothing, shelter and other related services to care for those who need help the most. It is not only the Hebron House that serves, but also each person who donates food or household items, makes a meal, or volunteers’ time.

If you are interested in helping the cause, through donations or volunteering, please contact Irene, 262-522-1403 or

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