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CASE STUDY: Badger Raceway Asphalt Reconstruction & Installation


In the fall of 2016, Wolf Paving constructed a track expansion at Badger Raceway in Dousman, Wisconsin. Using custom asphalt mix and precise grading, slope and compaction techniques, the Wolf Paving team completed the track expansion with excellent results. Watch the video below to see the raceway go from initial concept to the final, smooth new race track.

Asphalt Raceway Addition and Reconstruction

The Badger Raceway Board submitted plans for an additional loop to be added to the racetrack. The main challenge of this expansion project was taking a flat picture of a track design and making it come to life as a functional raceway. Watch the project video, below.


Wolf Paving Solution:

Wolf Paving worked in close cooperation with the Badger Race Board and track committee to create a track expansion using a custom asphalt mix and specific design details, including two-way traffic slope grading and the addition of rumble strips.

Special Project Considerations:

Laying asphalt for a raceway requires attention to detail. The track must be smooth because at high speeds, bumps and flaws in the surface can be dangerous to drivers. This project required constant communication between the track committee and the Wolf Paving team to ensure each project step progressed as planned.

Project Steps:

Following tree removal, racetrack staking and track committee approval, the Wolf Paving team brought in their excavator to dig out the proposed racetrack footprint and the custom installation project began.

The first step was to create a firm sub-base to support the structure of the asphalt surface. For this project, 12 inches of crushed concrete was used. The sub-base was then compacted and graded.

The track committee reviewed the project progress and made some minor adjustments to grading, including steeper slopes on the turns and elevation changes along the straightaway.

The team at Wolf Paving got right back to work, placing the remaining crushed concrete base and re-grading the track to the final elevations.

The track committee reviewed the next step in the process and realized their initial project proposal did not accommodate racing in both directions. Being agile on the jobsite is something Wolf Paving takes pride in, and adjusting to meet the exact needs of the client is what makes Wolf Paving an industry leader in customer service. To accommodate these additional changes, Wolf Paving created even steeper slopes on the turns and widened the track in specified areas.

With the footprint of the track approved, the last step for the sub-base installation was to use a large motor-grader to compete the final grading and compaction.

Heavy rains in the area caused a minor setback, soaking the sub-base aggregate, but the Wolf Paving crew members are experts at navigating obstacles with precision and attention to detail. The crew replaced the damp aggregate with dry and the project proceeded on schedule.

With a solid foundation in place to support the new racetrack, the paving team began preparing the surface for the final installation steps by adding a binder layer, large aggregate mixed with oil. The binder layer is critical for the strength and durability of asphalt surface.

Attention to detail is extremely critical with the high speeds on a raceway, so Wolf Paving took their time in the final steps of installation. The binder layer was left for a few days to properly set up before tack coat was added. Tack coat is used to bond the sub-base and binder layer to the fresh, smooth asphalt laid on the surface. The final asphalt paving was completed on a warm afternoon, to ensure that the asphalt would have the smoothest possible finish for optimal raceway speed.

With a new raceway in place, the final steps were to test the asphalt for quality control, density and compaction, and to add concrete rumble strips around the outer layer of the track.

Asphalt Raceway Final Results:

255 tons of asphalt binder and 255 tons of asphalt surface was used in this custom asphalt paving project. The Badger Raceway Board and track committee were very pleased with the final results.

With every job, from highways to commercial and large driveways, Wolf Paving determines the best custom mix asphalt and installation steps. For Badger Raceway, the asphalt mix was customized to prevent the asphalt from tearing or raveling due to strong friction and heat generated from the tires on the racing karts.

Your paving project may not require the grading precision and slope calculations needed
for this custom racetrack paving project, but at Wolf Paving, we bring our
high level of expertise to every job we do, and we are ready to get to work for you.

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