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CASE STUDY: Madison Municipal Asphalt Paving Road Overlay

WOLF_Blog_meier-casestudy.jpgWolf Paving completed a municipal asphalt pavement road overlay to improve the surface of a deteriorating asphalt roadway. The project requirement was to overlay Meier Road, just off E. Buckeye Road in the town of Blooming Grove.

The asphalt road re-surfacing required some specific considerations from the asphalt paving contractors at Wolf Paving.

Take a look at the detailed project overview below to learn more about asphalt overlay and to determine if it may be the right choice for your municipal roadway. 

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Main Client Concerns:

  • Cost
  • Improvement of surface quality for residents
  • Appropriate milling and butt joint creation for a smooth transition surface from old to new

Wolf Paving Solution:

For this municipal road-paving job, Wolf Paving was required to consider the best option for paving to accommodate budget considerations. In addition, Wolf Paving would be tasked with transitioning in the new asphalt surface to the existing road, and residential and commercial driveways along the road. It was determined that an asphalt overlay would be the best course of action to improve the roadway surface.

An asphalt overlay would provide the municipality with 12 – 15 years of durability
and cost significantly less than a complete removal and re-installation.

Full Scope of Asphalt Paving Project:

The project required one day of milling and surface preparation and one day of paving. DOT specification required E-0.3 9.5 millimeter was the type of asphalt used based on direction and specifications from the municipality.

The project size was:

  • 13,333 square yards
  • Approximately 100 tons of asphalt for leveling course
  • Approximately 1100 tons of asphalt for overlay

Special Project Considerations:

The use of a DOT specified asphalt type could prove difficult from some municipal and commercial paving companies. Fortunately, Wolf Paving owns and operates two asphalt-manufacturing plants. This means that Wolf Paving has the ability to create custom mixes based on the requirements for each unique paving job. In fact, Wolf Paving has a “mix design” for the most commonly requested asphalt types for residential, commercial and municipal paving projects that meet city, state and DOT requirements.

Asphalt Overlay Project Steps:

WOLF_1.pngLeveling course this process step involved going over the entire asphalt surface to level out dips or humps including: filling potholes, ruts and cracks, and preparing the base surface to adequately support the new asphalt overlay and ensure a quality ride and appearance.

WOLF_2.pngAddress butt joints and mill driveways Wolf Paving was required to consider how the new surface would transition into existing driveways and the existing roadway on each end, called butt joints. Butt joints must be expertly tapered and joined to existing asphalt to ensure that drivers have a smooth transition from old to new surface and so that water drains appropriately.

Tack coat
tack coat is used as a bonding agent between layers of asphalt. Tack coat adheres the existing asphalt to the new asphalt layer proving a solid, secure fit.

WOLF_4.pngAsphalt overlay the most important step in the process is to overlay new asphalt on the existing surface. For this project, 1.5 inches of custom mixed asphalt was added to smooth the road and provide a lasting solution for a deteriorating roadway.

Municipal Asphlat Overlay Final Results:

The customer feedback on the final result was excellent. The project was completed on time and on budget with no unforeseen issues.

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“A year ago, we hired Wolf Paving to put the top coat on our driveway. As our warranty period was coming to a close, we had a couple of issues to attend to. Within 16 minutes, I received a response email from Jim May, who happened to be out of town for the week. Within a couple of hours, I received a call from someone saying that one of your crews was finishing up a job , and would be able to be at our home by about 4:00PM that same day.

Chris, the Project Manager or Supervisor, showed up at our house with his crew. My wife, was at home when the crew arrived. She was very impressed by Chris’ friendliness, professionalism and thoroughness, as well as that of the rest of your crew. She could not say enough good things about the experience. I would like to complement and thank Jim May, Chris, and the crew for handling our request within hours of my email to Jim, and congratulate you for having a top-notch organization.”

-Stan & Tarianne, Oconomowoc

Your men were very professional and informative from start to finish.

– James Waltenberry, Wales

Geno and Tony were fantastic. Their attention and devotion to detail gave me the confidence of knowing that the job was going to be well done. Geno even called me that evening, after a heavy rain, just to make sure the water was flowing as he intended after spending the day shaping my driveway.

-Bernie Long

From the salesman and office secretary to your finish asphalt crew, all were outstanding and very professional. Be proud of their work. The whole job was done well, and it has been the talk of the neighborhood.

– Dan & Ruth McCann, East Troy

Communication, flexibility and a courteous crew. Everyone was great to work with, starting with my salesman.

– Larry Schmidt, Oconomowoc

Thanks for the great job and the phone calls keeping me informed. It shows your commitment to outstanding customer service!

– Brian McIntyre, Sun Prairie

“All the members of the resealing crew were especially helpful for my job. They paid great attention to detail, and everything was neat and clean when the job was finished!”

– Steve Blackburn

“I was initially just looking for a quote for my driveway repair while I was trying to sell my house. I got turned away by over 12 other companies. Wolf Paving was the only one willing to help out. Another company followed up with me seven weeks after my initial call but I was already impressed with the customer service from Wolf Paving. Thank you so much!”

– Jenny Aamodt

“I was impressed with the quality of workmanship, communication, professionalism, and efficiency. Wolf Paving made us feel like VIPs.”

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