Winter Services

Wolf Paving Winter Services never stop working… even when the snow flies.

commercial snow plowingIn addition to paving projects of all sizes, Wolf Paving remains in operation year-round to offer a variety of services and materials during the winter months.

Here for your Winter Service Needs

With a 24-hour dispatch service in place and supervisors out on call, Wolf Paving responds quickly to winter service requests. Also, Wolf Paving guarantees the same attention to quality service no matter what the project. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not hire subcontractors to provide plowing services.

Wolf Paving is equipped to handle any size job, using the same equipment for winter services as paving projects. This also allows us to provide snow plowing and removal at competitive prices.

Winter services offered by Wolf Paving include:

  • Snowplowing for municipalities, commercial lots, retail facilities and large commercial sites with 24-hour working operations to service.
  • Professional snow removal when excess snow is piled up in your lot.
  • Sand, salt, and various mixes of sand and salt, including 8 to 1 mix, 4 to 1 mix, and 1 to 1 mix. Wolf Paving will deliver materials wherever needed, and sell in small amounts or bulk quantities.
  • Wolf Paving maintains DNR-approved salt storage sheds, allowing for year-round storage of large quantities of salt.

Contact Wolf Paving to request a quote for commercial winter services.