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Asphalt Paving Technology Is More Cutting Edge Than You Might Think

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Jun 14, 2024

Get to Know Some of the Gadgets & Gear That Support Your Satisfaction


Asphalt paving has been around a long time. Centuries, in fact! But that doesn’t mean the tools and technology we use to pave are all throwbacks.

Quite the contrary: To build strong, smooth surfaces across our Wisconsin asphalt paving service areas, our team uses technology that’s a lot more cutting edge than you might expect. 

Let’s take a look at some of the gadgets and gear we use to ensure your satisfaction—from the plant, to the jobsite, and across our operations.

At the Plant

Tightly controlling the quality of asphalt mixes is the No. 1 reason we operate our own asphalt manufacturing plants. 

First, we leverage robust process control technology to ensure:

  • Precise aggregate composition
  • Proper processing speeds
  • Safe and sustainable operation

Then, when each mix is done, we store it in bulk tanks with advanced control that maintains the asphalt at optimal temperatures.

Finally, we make sure every mix meets the exact standards for your job through rigorous asphalt sample testing including:

  • Binder stiffness and flexibility –  Helps show whether material may be prone to cracking at low temps. Learn more about the binder in our glossary of 13 essential asphalt paving terms).
  • Penetration testing – Shows how strong and uniform the material is.
  • Dynamic analysis – Measures properties including load, compressive, and shear strength.

At the Jobsite

In the end, the quality and longevity of a blacktop surface comes down to how well it’s installed. 

That’s why our crews tap into a variety of technologies to make sure your asphalt paving job meets exacting standards, looks great and lasts long.

  • GPS – We use global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology to measure and stake out proper grading.
  • Laser-guided transit – Where GPS is unavailable, laser technology helps us accurately and efficiently decipher height and grade changes.
  • Paving equipment with advanced controls – Many of our machines include powerful operator interfaces to help our team produce great results. (Read more about how paving equipment has evolved.)
  • Nuclear density testing – This technology helps us check the compaction and durability of our asphalt installations. Ideal compaction is 99% – a good indication that the new surface will hold up over time.
  • Jobsite notes – Our field team captures extensive pictures and details via tablet/mobile to keep every project running smoothly.
Across Our Operations

There are many moving pieces in any asphalt paving project. How do we stay on track through it all?

From our back office to our asphalt plants to your jobsite, we leverage a real-time project management and communication software platform that keeps the whole team on the same paving page.

This is only a small sample of the technology we use to deliver smooth, safe, satisfying asphalt paving results. Want to see some of these cool tools in use? Start your project today with a free estimate from Wolf Paving.

Want to use this tech yourself? A Wolf Paving career is both hands on and high tech. See our open positions and apply today. 

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