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15 of the Best Blogs or Websites for Asphalt Industry news

Wolf Paving would like to help you stay on top of the latest developments and news in the asphalt paving industry, so we’ve put together this list of what we feel, are some of the top paving industry news and blog websites.IMG_9569

1. Aggregate Research
Aggregate Research provides news and information on asphalt paving, including mix design, quality, various binders and aggregates and asphalt research and testing information.

2. Asphalt Facts – The Truth About Asphalt Pavement
Asphalt Facts provides information on asphalt sustainability, cost effectiveness, asphalt engineers and perpetual pavements and porous pavement.

3. Asphalt Industry Alliance
The Asphalt Industry Alliance publishes, Asphalt Now, a magazine that reports the latest news and innovations in the asphalt industry. The publication can be viewed online or downloaded for free.

4. Asphalt Magazine
Asphalt Magazine is a publication of the Asphalt Institute. The magazine discusses asphalt mixes, manufacturing and performance and the future of asphalt paving. New articles and information are released multiple times a month.

5. Asphalt News
Asphalt News (Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc.) is dedicated to providing consumers with information on asphalt maintenance and repair, maintenance programs and common pavement problems.

6. Asphalt Roads
Asphalt Roads focuses on the economics of paving, cost effectiveness and the environmental impact of manufacturing and using asphalt to pave roads, highways and interstates.

7. Association of Asphalt Paving Technologies
The Association of Asphalt Paving Technologies was created in 1824 in Chicago. This organization is dedicated to providing information on the latest developments in asphalt manufacturing and construction. They create and publish a prestigious annual journal on the asphalt industry.

8. Beyond Roads
Beyond Roads offers an in-depth look at the asphalt industry from manufacturing and storage facilities to virtual asphalt plant tours. The site even contains information and ideas for students, teachers and researchers.

9. Minnesota Asphalt Paving Association
The Minnesota Asphalt Paving Association offers an informative publication called Asphalt Paving Design, which covers the different types of asphalt mixes available, pavement management and using the right mix for the paving project. They also offer a launch and learn portal where individuals and asphalt companies can learn about the latest technologies.

10. National Asphalt Paving Association
The National Asphalt Paving Association publishes Asphalt Paving Magazine, which is a publication dedicated to the dissemination of the most up-to-date information on asphalt pavement and the paving industry throughout the United States.

11. PAIKY – Plant mix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky
The Plant mix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky offers asphalt education materials and publications on warm mix asphalt as well as asphalt recycling. There are 14 different informational publications on the PAIKY website.

12. T&K Asphalt
T&K Asphalt offers the T&K Asphalt Advisor that helps homeowners and businesses understand the important of regular asphalt maintenance and repair.

13. Warm Mix
Warm Mix Asphalt is dedicated to providing information to the general public and contractors about the benefits of warm mix asphalt for paving products. Warm mix asphalt is a relatively new product in the United States, and this site provides magazine and newspaper articles and presentations on this new asphalt technology.

14. Wisconsin Asphalt Paving Association
The WAPA provides information, news, resources and events on the asphalt industry in Wisconsin. The association is dedicated to safe paving practices and high-quality roads. They offer memberships to paving contractors who provide asphalt paving services to customers and have exceptional customer service.

15. Wolf’s Asphalt Paving Blog
Wolf Paving has been in business in Wisconsin for more than 70 years. Our online paving blog offers information on pavement maintenance and repair and the importance of regular inspections of paved surfaces.

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