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Why It's Better To Remove A Concrete Driveway Before Laying Asphalt

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Jul 24, 2020

One question we often hear at Wolf Paving has to do with driveway replacement:

“Should I lay new asphalt over an old concrete driveway?”

15 of the Best Blogs or Websites for Asphalt Industry news

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Dec 9, 2014

Wolf Paving would like to help you stay on top of the latest developments and news in the asphalt paving industry, so we’ve put together this list of what we feel, are some of the top paving industry news and blog websites.

1. Aggregate Research
Aggregate Research provides news and information on asphalt paving, including mix design, quality, various binders and aggregates and asphalt research and testing information.

2. Asphalt Facts – The Truth About Asphalt Pavement
Asphalt Facts provides information on asphalt sustainability, cost effectiveness, asphalt engineers and perpetual pavements and porous pavement.

3 Causes of Unstable Soil (And How to Fix It)

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Aug 5, 2014

When starting a paving project, you never know what you may run into. Situations can occur where once the excavation has started, the soil, or base, below the old asphalt is too soft and unstable. Because of this, simply paving new asphalt on top of the base is not an option anymore and a new asphalt solution needs to be explored.