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Travel Safely With These Construction Zone Tips

asphalt-pavement-constructionRoad construction is nothing new to Wisconsin residents; it’s a part of our culture as much as cheese and the Packers. But when things become commonplace, like your everyday commute through the same construction zones, you may not maintain a high level of attentiveness, which can have disastrous consequences.

According to, Wisconsin sees nearly 2,000 work zone crashes a year and most of the fatalities are actually drivers and their passengers. There are more than orange cones on the road that you should be on the lookout for -- there is heavy machinery, ground hazards and most importantly, construction crews that deserve your attentiveness.

Good Driving Habits Start Early

Good driving habits start very early. Children pick up cues on what is acceptable on the roadways from watching their parents drive. If your child has been watching you drive without a seatbelt or text while driving, for example, they will think that behavior is acceptable and repeat it when they get behind the wheel. If you want your children to drive safely, start by setting a good example.

Safety First: 10 Construction Zone Tips

Whether you need to brush up on your driving safety, or you are teaching your teenager the ways of the road, it is important to know the basics of construction work zone safety. Be sure to always remember the following construction zone tips to keep drivers, passengers and road workers safe.

  1. Stay Alert
  2. Minimize Distractions
  3. Keep Your Headlights On In Low Visibility
  4. Merge Into The Proper Lane
  5. Don’t Pass On The Shoulder
  6. Obey Posted Speed Limit Signs
  7. Change Lanes Safely
  8. Follow Instructions From Flaggers & Workers
  9. Expect The Unexpected
  10. Be Patient

Worrying about where you need to be instead of where you are, can lead to trouble. In fact, studies have shown that in speeding often doesn’t help you arrive at your destination any faster than following the natural flow of traffic, so slow down and pay attention

Download our Summer Roadway Safety Toolkit as a learning tool to help you learn about road safety. The kit includes:

  • A more detailed list of construction zone safety tips
  • 12 Important Parking Lot Safety Tips For Pedestrians and Vehicles
  • The 10 Best Driveway and Vehicle Safety Tips for Families
  • Construction coloring pages made just for kids!

Roadway safety education is an important first step toward keeping drivers, children and roadway workers safe.

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Free Summer Roadway Safety Toolkit