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Cleaning Concrete: What Products Should You Use?

Posted by Todd Morris on Feb 27, 2019

Wouldn’t it be nice if your concrete driveway could always look as good as it did when it was installed? As careful as you are, stains and spills are bound to happen and ruin the appearance of your concrete surface. Luckily, there are many ways to remove stains and keep your concrete looking good. In fact, many concrete cleaning projects are things most property owners already have on hand.

Concrete Installation: The Complete 8 Step Process

Posted by Todd Morris on Feb 11, 2019

Concrete installation looks easy enough, but when it comes to your investment, trust an experienced concrete contractor to do the job right.

Concrete Installation: 6 Steps Your Concrete Contractor Should Be Doing Prior to Paving

Posted by Todd Morris on Jan 10, 2019

While many people are familiar with the general concepts of concrete installation, what it takes to prepare for a concrete job, the right way, is more of an unknown. Understanding the initial steps involved in a concrete installation project can help you get a better idea of job requirements and timelines. As you plan for your concrete paving project, keep in mind that paving is rarely completed the same day as the prep work.

Mr. Fix-It: How Do You Replace or Repair A Concrete Garage Surface?

Posted by Todd Morris on Aug 29, 2018

Our team at Wolf Paving was invited back in the Mr. Fix-It studios to answer listeners' questions related to asphalt and concrete repair, repaving and driveway construction. This program gives weekly advice on home improvements, repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

Travel Safely With These Construction Zone Tips

Posted by Todd Morris on Aug 21, 2018

Road construction is nothing new to Wisconsin residents; it’s a part of our culture as much as cheese and the Packers. But when things become commonplace, like your everyday commute through the same construction zones, you may not maintain a high level of attentiveness, which can have disastrous consequences.

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