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6 Ways Commercial Asphalt Paving Can Help Your Business Save Money

commercial-asphalt-paving-services-save-moneyAt first thought, you may not consider asphalt pavement as your next money saving investment, but consider taking a closer look. With proper installation, water drainage and management, and green infrastructure solutions, it’s good business to add asphalt to your 2017 investment plan.

Consider these money-saving tips for your business.

1. Improving Asphalt Drainage Can Save Money

Driveways and parking lots with poor drainage will require more frequent repairs and maintenance, and as a business owner, that can be very frustrating. Without proper drainage, you’ll likely see standing water, which has the potential to slowly breakdown and compromise the asphalt surface, leading to cracks and eventually even potholes. This means more money for repairs, more often.

Proper drainage is one of the most important considerations with new asphalt installation. Even flat driveways and parking lots require at least a two-percent slope and a crown of at least a quarter of an inch, per foot. This ensures that water can drain appropriately to allocated areas, like a storm water basin or rain garden.

2. Proper Asphalt Installation Saves Time and Money

The lifespan of your asphalt surface depends a lot on whether the asphalt was installed appropriately. We’ve already mentioned that drainage is a key installation consideration, and that requires proper installation of the sub-base. Think of the sub-base as the platform, or support structure of your driveway or parking lot. Without adequate support, your asphalt surface won’t last.

Beyond the selection of proper materials, your commercial asphalt contractor in Milwaukee or Madison should focus on proper compaction and grading. Compaction is a very important step in the driveway installation process because the integrity of the asphalt overlay depends on a solid base. Contractors should test the entire surface area for any soft spots and resolve them before continuing to apply asphalt.

3. Porous Asphalt Pavement May Offer Tax Credits

Porous asphalt pavement is considered a ‘green’ asphalt solution. It is unique because it allows water to run through it, as opposed to over it, eliminating water runoff and instead, returning water naturally to the soil and water table below the asphalt surface. 

Many municipalities actually consider porous asphalt as a green infrastructure solution, so if you choose to use it for your parking lot or driveway installation or expansion, you could receive a tax or ‘green’ credit.

Not only that, the use of porous asphalt can reduce your costs in other areas, too. Using porous asphalt means you can reduce the need for drainage structures to comply with storm water regulations, and moreover, reduce the need for storm water management feature costs, like specialized landscaping and retention ponds. 

4. Save Money with a Reputable Asphalt Contractor

This might seem obvious, but is with reviewing. The contractor you choose for your job can affect the quality of not only your installation, but also, of the asphalt surface itself. Choose a contractor with experience doing driveways and parking lots of your project size and always ask to see their previous work. Verify that the contractor is properly licensed and insured. 

Choose a reputable local contractor with experience working in your area. Whether it is Waukesha, Sun Prairie or Oconomowoc, there are contractors who know municipality requirements and the best asphalt to choose based on climate and soil type. Check in your area for a contractor that creates their own custom asphalt mixes, designed specifically for job type and climate. Lastly, asking neighbors and friends is an easy way to find a reliable driveway and parking lot construction company.

5. Quote Out Your Paving Project to Save Money

In most cases, finding a reputable contractor takes time, and that is okay. It is better to interview a number of potential contractors before your choose one to complete your job to see the similarities and differences in their paving estimates and recommendations. That way, you can choose the contractor with the project scope that best fits your needs.

Just remember, the lowest cost is not the only option to consider — consider a contractor’s years of experience in the area, whether they create custom asphalt for each unique job site and also, whether they offer great customer service.

6. Save Money with Regular Maintenance 

It may seem counter intuitive, but the more money you invest regularly in your asphalt surface for maintenance, the longer it will last, and the less you will be required to invest long-term, for a brand new asphalt installation. 

Preventative maintenance includes: 

  • Regular sealcoating applications, to keep your asphalt look fresh and to protect it from harmful UV rays, water and surface pollutants
  • Crack filling and repair – to make sure cracks don’t have the chance to expand quickly and cause more damage.
  • Sweeping and cleaning services – to keep pollutants out and to regularly inspect your surface
  • Pothole repair – to ensure potholes and water infiltration don’t compromise the sub-base of your asphalt surface.

Consider investing in asphalt pavement and make a great first impression with customers, clients, residents and visitors alike.

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