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Madison Municipal Asphalt Paving Case Study: Meier Road Overlay

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Sep 7, 2016

Wolf Paving completed a municipal asphalt pavement road overlay to improve the surface of a deteriorating asphalt roadway.

Wolf Paving's team of Madison municipal asphalt pavement contractors was tasked with laying a fresh, new surface and creating smooth transitions from old road and driveways to new road. 

The project completed was Meier Road, just off E. Buckeye Road in the town of Blooming Grove.

Click here to view the full CASE STUDY of this project, including all of the project details from the paving crew!

Take a look at our video now to see the Wolf Paving team in action!

Main Client Concerns:

  • Cost
  • Improvement of surface quality for residents
  • Appropriate milling and butt joint creation for a smooth transition surface from old to new

Wolf Paving Solution:

For this municipal road-paving job, Wolf Paving was required to consider the best option for paving to accommodate budget considerations. In addition, Wolf Paving would be tasked with transitioning in the new asphalt surface to the existing road, and residential and commercial driveways along the road.

It was determined that an asphalt overlay would be the best course of action to improve the roadway surface. An asphalt overlay would provide the municipality with 12 – 15 years of durability and cost significantly less than a complete removal and re-installation.

Municipal Asphlat Overlay Final Results:

The customer feedback on the final result was excellent. The project was completed on time and on budget with no unforeseen issues.

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