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Asphalt Paving Blog

What Type of Asphalt Mix is Right For Your Project?

Posted by Jacob Mrugacz on Mar 19, 2019

Contractors in the Wisconsin area have long-known that Wolf Paving is among the best sources for asphalt in the state, and one of the reasons for that is our extensive line of custom asphalt mixes. We have over 75 years of experience in asphalt mixing, and much of that has gone into ensuring we have the right mix for every occasion.

Learn About The Effects of Spring Rain on Asphalt Parking Lots

Posted by Sean Wolf on Apr 14, 2018

April showers might bring more than May flowers if you (and your asphalt) aren't prepared.

10 Cool Facts You May Not Know About Asphalt

Posted by Sean Wolf on Sep 9, 2014
Road construction season may seem more like a nuisance than a necessity. Commuters often take for granted

What are the Side Effects of Paving Asphalt over Concrete?

Posted by Sean Wolf on Jun 24, 2014

Do you currently have a concrete driveway or concrete parking lot and want to make the switch to asphalt pavement? If you've been thinking about updating your driveway or parking lot, you might be wondering if asphalt can be paved right over the top of the concrete.

4 Benefits of Porous Asphalt For Your Home, Business or Municipal Project

Posted by Sean Wolf on Apr 2, 2014

The term “porous” refers to holes in the asphalt material that provides a way of managing storm water or drainage challenges.  Porous material is most often used for parking lots to allow water to drain through the surface and be infiltrated into the soil below the pavement. Not only a low-maintenance option for homes and businesses with drainage problems; porous has also been an ideal option for municipal projects that face recent storm water regulations. Common uses include sidewalks, driveways, fire lanes, road shoulders and roadways.