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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Install Asphalt Paths and Sidewalks

wp-blogHow much thought do you put into sidewalks? Most people would probably say “not much.” But if you’re thinking about getting a new sidewalk or path on your property there are a lot of elements to consider -- everything from installation to usability.

Asphalt should be your very first consideration when planning for a new path. Not only is the installation timely, it’s also the best choice in terms of safety and functionality, and here’s why ...

1. Asphalt Paths Are Easy To Instal

Asphalt paths can be installed in a relatively short amount of time. Everything from the creation of the material to the actual laying of the asphalt can be accomplished in a very timely manner. This quick turnaround time means the inconvenience of construction will be kept to a minimum and you can enjoy your new path sooner.

As with any asphalt pavement, your path will have a long lifespan, lasting anywhere between 12-35 years, depending on conditions. If maintained properly, that lifespan can stretch even longer. Asphalt upkeep is affordable and usually only needed every few years.

2. Asphalt Paths Are The Safer Option

Walkways have been known to be dangerous during Wisconsin winters. Luckily due to the dark color of asphalt, ice and snow melt quickly This makes snow removal easier and leads to a safer walking surface for pedestrians.

Asphalt has been proven to be a smoother surface than other pavements. As a result, this will be greatly appreciated by some of your path’s more active users. Bikers, runners and walkers will all notice the difference and ease of use when it comes to an asphalt path.

3. Asphalt Paths Are More Environmentally Friendly

No matter where you are installing your new path, you should always consider the environmental impact. Asphalt is 100% recyclable. In fact, most of the asphalt Wolf Paving uses is recycled from other jobs. This benefits both you and the environment because recycled asphalt is actually stronger and lasts longer than virgin asphalt mix.

All asphalt is good for water drainage, but porous pavement is better than than the rest when it comes to having green infrastructure. Porous pavements have tiny holes which allow water from rain or snow melt to drain through the pavement surface into a stone recharge bed, filtering back into the soil and groundwater below. The use of this pavement is encouraged by the EPA as a best management practice for stormwater.

The best part about the use of porous asphalt is that you don’t need to sacrifice quality for using an environmentally friendly product. This pavement is just as durable as any other; it’s a little coarser than standard asphalt but it’s still smooth enough to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

If a customer prefers the benefits of concrete as opposed to asphalt we can also supply them with a concrete walkway.

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