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5 Reasons Why Your Business or Municipality Should Repair Potholes In Spring

Posted by J. Mrugacz on May 22, 2019

Spring in Wisconsin means longer days, blooming bulbs, baseball...and potholes.

Potholes are caused by the same science that makes a can of soda explode in your freezer - the expansion and contraction of water. Ground water gets under the pavement, expands when frozen, and contracts when it melts. The expansion bends and weakens the asphalt, and the contraction leaves gaps behind where the pavement can collapse and create a hole. This is why potholes multiply in spring as the ground thaws. 

Potholes in Asphalt: What Causes Them and How are They Fixed?

Posted by Jacob Mrugacz on Apr 9, 2019

The damage of Wisconsin winter is starting to show – especially on the roads. As the weather warms up, road construction starts up again in the Madison and Milwaukee areas. With road construction, comes pothole repair.

Manufacturing Cold Mix Asphalt for Pothole Repair

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Nov 22, 2016

manufacturing-cold-mix-asphalt-pothole-repairAt Wolf Paving, many different types of asphalt can be mixed and created for any type of paving project. In fact, Wolf Paving creates cold mix asphalt specifically designed for pothole repair. Take a look at our facts and video below that discuss the manufacturing process.

The Proper Way to Fill A Pothole

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Mar 23, 2016

Have you been driving over the same pothole, over an over again? You see it get fixed, but it just keeps coming back? The truth is, there is a right and a wrong way to fill a pothole.

If you see a crew driving down your street throwing cold or hot-mix asphalt into potholes, you can expect to see those potholes again in a few weeks.

Imperative Reasons to Fill Cracks and Potholes Before Winter Hits

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Oct 21, 2015

One of the best things about the Midwest is the changing seasons. However, the soon to be upon us winter weather means that it is time to think about last minute driveway, parking lot and roadway maintenance. Leaving cracks or potholes unfilled for the winter season can be detrimental to your asphalt and increase future expenses. It is important, for the integrity of your asphalt surface and your budget, to be prepared for the impending winter weather and complete repair work before the temperatures start to drop.

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