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Q&A With The Asphalt Experts At Wolf Paving

blog-asphalt.jpgDo you have asphalt questions? We have asphalt answers! We sat down with a few of the experts at Wolf Paving to discuss this past season.

We talked with Tyler Bohachek (Project Manager), Craig Lemke (Project Manager), and Karen Homewood (Estimator) to get the scoop on what sets Wolf Paving apart in this industry.

They talked about everything from ideal paving weather to what it takes to hire a commercial paving company and what kind of projects you should hire that company for.

1. What are the various types of paving services available and with the current market, which are most commonly used?

Tyler & Craig: Wolf is able to build a project from (below) the ground up, offering a wide variety of paving services. We are able to completely rebase, rough grade, fine grade, and pave almost any size project. On top of that we also offer full asphalt removal and replacement services. Most commonly we remove the old asphalt, fine grade, and pave.

Karen: Remove and replace, milling, pulverizing, overlaying- I have had good luck with milling down and overlaying for many of my Property Managers/Customers who don’t have the budget for a complete removal.

2. What types of services / products are new to the industry?

Tyler & Craig: Porous asphalt is one of the newest and most innovative products on the market. The idea behind porous mix is to let water drain through the mat, reducing the need for catch basins and drain tiles. Another advancement being used in the asphalt industry is the use of Geo-grid. This product is a base stabilizing mesh that is able to turn soft base into a hard pavable surface. It works as a sort of underground bridge that holds the new base material together so that underlying unstable soils do not affect the pavement that will be laid on top.

3. Do you need to have a big project in order to hire a commercial paving company?

Tyler & Craig: There is no job too big or too small when considering a commercial paving company. One of the major benefits of hiring a commercial paving company is the quality of work you will receive. With the various types of machines that are used in commercial paving, the project gets done professionally and efficiently to ensure integrity along with sustainability for your investment. Whether you’re trying to pave a driveway at home, or a parking lot, utilizing a commercial paving company will provide you with peace of mind knowing your project is being completed correctly the first time. With a commercial paving company, you will have constant communication from start to finish. You will have transparency with Estimators, Project Managers, along with highly trained Grading and Paving Foreman every step of the way to guarantee you are aware of the various phases in regard to your project. With the reputation that a company receives based on reviews, you will find it comforting knowing that with a commercial paving company, there is a lot of pride that goes into the work. A large-scale project is not needed to hire a commercial paving company. Wolf offers services to almost all size projects. From the smallest driveways to projects such as paving University Avenue in Madison, Wolf is able to handle them with professionalism and timeliness.

Karen: We do driveways, parking lots and roads. The positive about choosing Wolf Paving is that we have our own asphalt plants and control over the mix and designs.

4. With the current draught in Wisconsin, does weather (wet or dry) have any affect on the construction or paving industry?

Tyler & Craig: When considering outdoor contractors, weather always plays a part in the preparation and execution of various scopes of work. Sometimes due to inclement weather you may run into a situation where your project schedule gets pushed around. This can be irritating to most, when considering deadlines and layouts. However, it is important to realize that unforeseen conditions do exist. A reputable company would rather wait for ideal conditions to complete the work awarded so that you are getting the most out of your investment without any setbacks. Weather does play a large role in all of our projects. Paving more so than any other sector of construction is extremely weather dependent. We are somethimes unable to paving wet surfaces, whether they are binder lifts of asphalt or stone, and still provide a quality product. Therefore, any and all projects are heavily weather dependent.

Karen: We need to address this every year with either too much rain or not enough. We consistently address each issue straight on using all our expertise to go above and beyond. So, no weather does not affect us.

5. What is the turnaround time for a commercial paving job in the current marketplace?

Tyler & Craig: When considering the amount of time it takes for a paving project to be completed from the point of signing the sales contract to the final product, a few different factors need to be considered.

  • Size of project.
  • Time of season when project will be completed.
  • Weather conditions.

In the perfect situation, the average project can be completed within a week from contract signing. From getting the underground utilities marked, the targeted area prepped and graded, the asphalt put in place, and allowing proper curing (72 hours) of the finished product. However it is important to understand and remember that size, time, and weather have a critical impact on any project when its in regards to outdoor construction. Turn around for a commercial job is hard to pin down as far as an exact number of days. It all depends on the size and scope of the project as well as the weather as stated above. It is also dependent on the time of year that the project is set out for bid. We cannot pave in the winter so projects that are bid in January won’t get paved until the spring of the year.

Karen: It all depends on the project. If it’s a mill and pave-3 days, if it is a reconstruction, it could take weeks depending on how we need to phase it.

6. What should a commercial property owner look for in a paving contractor?

  • Reputation
  • Quality of Work
  • Quality Mix (Innovation)
  • Bonded\Insured
  • Competitive pricing
  • Local
  • Integrity Safety
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Efficient
  • Whatever it takes attitude.

Tyler & Craig: A property owner should be looking for a good reputation as well as a contractor that is able to control the type of mix that is being laid on their project. Wolf having their own asphalt plants is a huge bonus to each customer because we know exactly what goes into each mix, unlike some of our competitors that simply purchase mix from outside sources. We are able to suggest the best mix for each project and ensure that it is actually being used in that project.

Karen: Years in business, reputation, word of mouth/references, products and service.

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