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How to Select an Asphalt Contractor for Your Municipality Project

Posted by Jacob Mrugacz on Jul 12, 2019

Do you know what to look for in a reliable, professional and experienced paving contractor for your next large municipal paving project?

To avoid delays, over-budgets and the potential for subpar work, we here at Wolf Paving have put together a list of qualities to help guide you in selecting an asphalt paving partner.

5 Reasons Why Your Business or Municipality Should Repair Potholes In Spring

Posted by J. Mrugacz on May 22, 2019

Spring in Wisconsin means longer days, blooming bulbs, baseball...and potholes.

Potholes are caused by the same science that makes a can of soda explode in your freezer - the expansion and contraction of water. Ground water gets under the pavement, expands when frozen, and contracts when it melts. The expansion bends and weakens the asphalt, and the contraction leaves gaps behind where the pavement can collapse and create a hole. This is why potholes multiply in spring as the ground thaws. 

The Top 4 Municipality Asphalt Repair and Repaving Questions, Answered

Posted by J. Mrugacz on May 18, 2018

It is not easy to navigate all of the information you can find online about asphalt repair and repaving. If your municipality needs asphalt maintenance work completed, where do you turn for help?

End of Season Asphalt Repairs Can Save Your Municipality Money

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Oct 19, 2016

If you are a municipality or business owner looking to make your winter snow removal and maintenance tasks a lot easier, look down at your asphalt surfaces now, rather than up at the changing season skies. 

Sweep Away Leaves and Debris to Extend the Life of your Asphalt

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Oct 12, 2016

One of the best things about living in Wisconsin is the four distinct seasons. As summer ends and fall begins, we enjoy cool, crisp weather and gorgeous scenery as the leaves begin to change colors and fall. For property managers, business owners, and municipalities, all of that scenic beauty eventually has to be cleaned up in the form of raking and street sweeping.