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Hot-in-Place Asphalt Recycling in Waukesha County

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Oct 7, 2013

The Waukesha County roads that are part of this project are about 7-8" thick. It can be costly and time-consuming to tear out an entire existing road and pave back in that thick. It was determined by Waukesha County Engineering that removal of 6” of the existing pavement and patching distressed areas would be necessary. Those areas are milled 6” deep and an asphalt mix designed for Waukesha County is paved in two layers with nuclear density testing to make sure it is the right density and performs properly over time.

To save costs over traditional paving of a first binder layer, hot-in-place recycling can be done, a sustainable and eco-friendly asphalt paving method.

Wolf Paving Widens Coffee Road in New Berlin, WI - Part 1 of 5

Posted by Riley Stendel on Sep 27, 2013

Wolf Paving completed the 2.75-mile Coffee Road municipal paving project in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  There were four phases of the municipal project, pre-determined by the City of New Berlin. The project included widening and straightening the road, strengthening the base through the use of geo-textile fabric and Glas-Grid reinforcing pavement mesh, and applying the new asphalt pavement along the entire road. The project began in April 2013 and was completed in October 2013.

Watch the progress of the Coffee Road redevelopment project each step of the way:

Wolf Paving Municipal Asphalt Paving Project in New Berlin, WI

Posted by J. Mrugacz on Aug 5, 2013

Residential and commercial paving projects aren’t the only types of projects Wolf Paving tackles. They are currently working on Coffee Road in New Berlin, WI.

Wolf Paving is proudly partnering with a variety of contractors for this project:

  • All-Ways Contractors  
  • Century Fence
  • Con-Cor
  • LandTech Surveying
  • Highway Light and Landscape 
  • PMI
  • T.P. Concrete
  • Northway Fence
  • Mega-Rentals New Berlin