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Wolf Paving Back on The Mr. Fix-It Show

WOL_blog_radio-interview.jpgOur team at Wolf Paving was invited back in the Mr. Fix-It studios to answer listeners' questions related to asphalt repair, repaving and driveway construction. This program gives weekly advice on home improvements, repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

This episode covered several topics, with a large focus on driveways and parking lots in the last half hour.

To listen to that half hour segment: Click here

In the beginning of the interview, we talk about the unique history of Wolf Paving and what it was like growing up as part of the third generation to run this business. From there we go on to talk about the importance of a foundation due to the flexible nature of asphalt.

In this segment we cover various topics, including:

  • The difference between the thicknesses in gravel bases
  • How older driveways should be sealcoated
  • How to remedy crumbling edges on driveways
  • How often to seal asphalt driveways
  • The difference of spray vs. roll-on sealer
  • How the seasons affect the paving process
  • How to remove oil spills on newly sealcoated driveway
  • And more!

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