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Wolf Paving Widens Coffee Road in New Berlin, WI - Part 1 of 5

Wolf Paving completed the 2.75-mile Coffee Road municipal paving project in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  There were four phases of the municipal project, pre-determined by the City of New Berlin. The project included widening and straightening the road, strengthening the base through the use of geo-textile fabric and Glas-Grid reinforcing pavement mesh, and applying the new asphalt pavement along the entire road. The project began in April 2013 and was completed in October 2013.

Watch the progress of the Coffee Road redevelopment project each step of the way:

The Wolf Paving municipal project at Coffee Road in New Berlin includes widening and straightening the road while utilizing the existing roadway rather than removing it, which requires significant excavation, with quite a bit of it being deeper than planned depths due to unstable soils.

After excavation geo-grid stabilization mesh is laid first, then 3" limestone is installed, followed by a layer of a woven geo textile fabric, and topped with a 1 1/4" limestone. Once the stone base is at its finished height, the first layer of asphalt is added. 

After the widened areas have the first layer of asphalt installed, the entire road will be re-profiled to a 3% slope with a milling machine to re-shape it to proper elevation and smooth the existing road. After milling has been completed, the entire existing and widened areas will be leveled with a 1” layer of asphalt, followed by a glass-grid pavement reinforcing mesh, and finally a 2” surface layer of asphalt to complete the road paving. 

"All-Ways Contractors, Inc. is doing the mass excavation and the rough grading work. Wolf Paving is doing the fine grading work with the automatics on our graders. There are 4 phases in the project. We started on 1, went to 3, then 2, then 4. When we get the first 3 phases excavated and the stone in. The 4th phase is the biggest phase." - Riley Stendel, Project Manager, Wolf Paving

The Coffee Road project is estimated to be completed by late October.

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